Code of Conduct

Please review and adhere to the Code of Conduct below.


Code of Conduct

  1. Speakeasy – The term thought to have come from patrons during Prohibition having to whisper (or speakeasy) as they entered the establishment so as not to draw attention.
  2. First Come, first serve seating
  3. Purchase from the shop. Although all guests are permitted to bring in their own sticks, and locker members may keep a collection of their choosing in their on-premise humidor – it is customary to purchase from the establishment whenever possible. Going to the lake? Bring a bundle of branded Red Phone Booth 18th Amendments along and tell your friends!
  4. Part of the beauty of hand-crafted cigars is the fact that they are engineered To withhold their form even when burning. The ash helps control airflow to keep the cigar burning cooler and steadier; ultimately softening the smoke per toke. However don’t be a hero when your ash gets close to an inch, go ahead and give it a tap. Otherwise, it will inevitably fall on your clothes.
  5. The Lingo – we ask guests to please understand cigar terminology and not to take offense should anything resemble or be misconstrued as an innuendo.